Founded on 13 March 2018, AIRSCREAM UK is an international lifestyle brand with a bold ambition to eliminate cigarettes.

  • 4 Cuts of Life

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    This studio is the go-to destination for snapping fun, high-quality photos that perfectly capture one's personality. 4Cuts of Life has a range of cool backdrops and props to help create the perfect vibe for the shoot, and the friendly staff are always on hand to offer guidance and advice.

  • An Auckland style legend, Adrienne Winkelmann’s boutique is nestled in the idyllic Chancery. Known for creating stunning women’s suits and beautiful evening wear, Winkelmann’s designs can be brought off the rack or made-to measure. With a penchant for using bold colours, prints and tailoring, Winkelmann’s clothing will not disappoint.

  • Thai food, as a popular international cuisine distinguishes itself by its freshness, exotic fragrance

  • Bay Audiology

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    Bay Audiology offers a range of services to look after all your hearing needs. We’re here to help you, from diagnosing hearing difficulties, to fitting, servicing and maintaining hearing aids. We will make the journey easy for you and provide you with on-going support and care.

    • Free Basic Hearing Test - Initial check takes 20 minutes to let you know if you have a hearing loss or not
    • Diagnostic Hearing Test - Full detailed assessment with a clinician to discover the exact nature and extent of your hearing loss
    • Pre-employment hearing assessments - get a baseline test before you start work in a noisy industry
    • Personalised hearing solutions for all levels of hearing loss – We’ll ask detailed questions about your personal listening situations to figure out the hearing aids that are right for you
    • Hearing Aid fittings – We offer a wide range of hearing aid brands, giving us variety of technology to choose your perfect hearing solution from
    • Hearing Aid repairs and maintenance – Come back anytime for a quick clean and check or arrange repairs at our clinic
    • Follow up consultations and adjustments - To make sure everything is going well, these appointments are FREE for the first year following purchase of your hearing aids
    • Hearing protection equipment and advice – We can provide custom-made ear plugs for professionals working in noisy occupational environments
    • Funding assistance – Our New Zealand Audiology Society accredited audiologists can access funding for eligible Ministry of Health, ACC and Veterans’ Affairs clients

  • Bonjiri is a story about tradition. From the authentic binchōtan charcoal we use to our chef Yoshihiro from Tokyo, we honor traditional culinary Japanese practices. We are delighted to invite you to our Yakitori and Sake bar in the heart of Auckland city.

  • Caffé Torino is one of Auckland City’s best hidden gems. Besides their great selection of cabinet food, this cute little cafe is renowned for it’s hand made truffles and authentic french crepes. Whether you like sweet or savoury, you will not be disappointed.

    Caffé Torino can also cater for 5 to 100 people no matter the occasion, whether it’s morning tea, afternoon tea, corporate meeting, lunch or leaving party.

  • Caravanserais were once commonly found along the network of trade routes that once covered Asia, North Africa and South Eastern Europe. Supporting the flow of commerce, information and people, they were roadside inns where travellers could rest and recovery from a day’s journey.

    Living up to the name, Caravanserai is a warm and welcoming haven where you can relax and experience the eclectic mix of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Chancery Bistro is contemporary dining with a strong mediterranean influence. Their seasonal menu consists of the best ingredients available, from locally sourced meats and produce, to the authentic spices and ingredients imported from the far corners of the globe.

    Chancery Bistro also has a comprehensive wine list featuring New Zealand wines and a range of local and international beers, selected to complement their menu.

  • Circle K

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    Circle K has become one of the worlds most widely recognized convenience store brands, known worldwide for quality products and great customer service. We are proud to introduce Circle K to New Zealanders, making it easy, so you can take it easy!

  • New Zealand's first coin karaoke booth. With 7 booths and maximum of 4 people in each booth, simply sing along to a song of your choice by inserting coins or notes in the machine.

  • Cool Mobile

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    Whether you need to get your phone screen fixed or in the market for a new tablet, camera, PC or sim card, then Cool Mobile is the store for you.

    With expert technicians and industry connections, they can help you with all your business or personal digital needs. Cool Mobile also do express screen repairs and can fix your device while you shop or dine at the at the surrounding businesses.

  • Korean lunch box!! Dinner box as well!!

  • F Instyle

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  • Face Nightclub sets the bar for VIP clubbing in Auckland. Only open Friday and Saturday, their focus is on providing the kind of exclusive club experience you normally only get overseas or see in movies.

    They’re also dedicated to bringing the best local and international acts to the city, so follow @facenightclubnz on Facebook and @faceclubnz on Instagram to see what they’ve got lined up.

  • We are a full-service hair salon providing both Men's and Women's hair services including cut, blow dry, permanent straightening and curly, colour and Keratin treatment. With over 17 years experience both in New Zealand and overseas, all are welcome in our sweet hair home.

  • The name” Hon” means a we put heart and soul into the food. Hon Izakaya offers a unique selection of traditional Asian specialties, hand-picked based on decades of experience in Asian Cuisine. Sashimi, hotpot, deep fried and grilled dishes, everything is prepared in the authentic Asian tradition of fresh and healthy cooking. Experience the vibrant color and exotic flavors, all made using freshest ingredients found on Planet Earth!

  • Treat yourself to a hearty bowl of fried rice and take your pick from the likes of spicy beef, Thai curry chicken, signature chicken and more.

  • Krispy Kreme is well known for its world famous Original Glazed doughnuts, and they also offer barista made coffee, milkshakes and bagels from their Chancery Square store. The store design is a world first so be sure to check it out when you’re grabbing your freshly made doughnuts.

  • Renowned as one of New Zealand's premier destinations for holistic skincare, Lasertech Cosmetic Clinic stands tall as the ultimate solution for all your skin, nail, and hair concerns. Nestled within the vibrant neighborhood of Auckland, our clinic is your dedicated partner on your journey to radiant confidence.

  • Mamak is a small restaurant with a big reputation. Located deep Chancery Square, Mamak has made a reputation for itself by creating a menu that reflects the diversity of its Kuala Lumpur roots.

    With indoor and outdoor seating, Mamak is the perfect place for something on the go, a quick lunch or long dinner with friends and family.

  • MIGHTY HOTDOG - Mighty Hotdog serves Korean Style Deep Fried Hotdog made with 100% NZ Sausage and Cheese.

  • Korean Bar & Restaurant located in Auckland City.

  • Great Korean Bar and Restaurant. Whether you are interested in a casual meal or a few drinks we cater for both.

  • Pocha is a Korean bar and restaurant with an unmatchable atmosphere. Although they’re well known for their mouthwatering fried chicken you can also find a wide range of cocktails and soju.

    Whether you’re looking for somewhere unwind after work or kick your night off, Pocha will soon be your favourite Korean spot.

  • Podlyfe

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    Podlyfe Chancery is a central Auckland vape shop in the middle of Chancery Square, a boutique shopping complex with shisha bars, restaurants and more. Buy New Zealands favourite vaping brands in the Auckland CBD. Try before you buy with our complimentary sampling station; if you're new to vaping and in need of advice in making the switch from smoking, our friendly staff are here to help. Come see us today for the best range of single use disposable vapes, hybrid disposable vapes, prefilled vape pods, vape eliquids and more.

  • Poker Ape

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    Poker Ape Cafe is the first casual poker cafe in Auckland, New Zealand, located in Chancery Square, opposite Obar. We offer a fun, no-gambling environment where you can enjoy playing Texas Hold'em, sharpen your skills, and socialize with fellow poker enthusiasts.

  • Welcome to Sushi Train Chancery, the original in authentic Japanese rotating conveyor style sushi.

  • Award winning Toni&Guy is a global brand leading the world in current trends, with more than 50 years experience in education, superior client service and haircare expertise.

    We also offer private self-contained rooms available for those clients that prefer a more secluded intimate salon service, right here in the heart of the city.

    Facebook: @ToniandGuyNZ

    Instagram: @toniandguynz

  • Vagabond Games

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    One of New Zealand's first and longest running gaming stores, Vagabond Games & Collectables is still at the forefront of the gaming and collectible industry. Whether you’re an avid card gamer (such as Magic the Gathering or Yugioh) or a collector of POP! or vinyl figures, Vagabond is is where you need to go for all the latest and greatest in NZ.

    With over 20 years experience, our friendly staff are always keen to help. So if you’re looking to get into gaming or just after a gift for a friend, they can send you in the right direction.

  • Approaching 100 salons nationwide, Vivo is NZ's leading Kiwi owned, family-run Hair Salon & Skin Clinic Company. We promise hair you love, guaranteed.

  • Zodiak

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    Auckland Airbnb Management Specialists. Turn Your Property into a Hands-Free Investment with the Highest Quality Airbnb Management Service in Auckland